A bit about the materials we use 

Clay - this is a wonderful medium to work in, appealing because of the range of tactile experiences that working with it offers from wet slip painting and glaze mixing to the use of soft and 'leather-hard' clay for various types of hand building and for throwing on the potter's wheel. We recycle it too using the pugmill - all very hands-on.

Mosaic - lends itself to both small and large scale works from house numbers to mirror frames and of course to larger installation type pieces. It requires a lot of patience, dexterity and determination - the majority of the mosaic pieces, the 'tesserae', and tiles that we use are made by ourselves at the workshop.

Wood - as a material it is used to support a lot of what goes on at the workshop from armature making and picture-framing to adding that finishing touch to the mosaic mirrors. As well as being used on its own we also use it very successfully combined with items made of other materials. Dexterity in the use of hand tools and the development of decorative wood finishes is practiced here.

Textiles - some people are particularly at home with textiles as the use of wool and fabrics offers a clean and dry tactile experience.

Paper - well, paper is used everywhere, we even make it ourselves and use it in the construction of hand-made cards!