Pottery workshop potters wheel




These workshops are a great way to spend quality time with friends and family and meet new people. They can become habit forming!

A bit more information:

Pottery: 7 and 14 week workshops - If you are new to pottery then over the first weeks of the workshop you will be shown the basics for working with clay from making thumb-pots and coil building to tile making and throwing on the wheel; this will also include simple decorating and glazing techniques.

Once you have completed and glazed your work you can try other techniques like clay slab construction, using plaster moulds, clay modelling and more complex forms on the wheel. We have a slab-rolling machine for preparing large slabs of clay, an extruder for coils and hollow forms, electric pottery wheels including one that is height-adjustable and suitable for wheelchair users and two electric kilns. 

Other workshops:

One-off pottery taster sessions  -  decorating/glazing days  -  plate painting  - specialist hand-building  -  intensive throwing  -  and with a few surprise sessions thrown in for the adventurous! Click on the link above for information on all our workshops.