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Covid-19 policy


We advise all students that have received a 'Shielding' letter from the NHS or their GP, or who lives with someone that is shielding, to stay at home due to the heightened infection risk. For any students that do need to access the workshops directly you are advised to use private transport where possible and to wear a mask if you are able to. Please call us to let us know your intentions - if you can stay at home do. We will be in touch to support you. 

Workshop 305 will continue to provide a remote service for students to access. We have also carried out a risk assessment to identify whether we are able to put in place sufficient controls to open again. We have concluded with sufficient controls in place we are able to open:

We have worked closely with commissioners to put in place a common ‘student contract’ informing students of both theirs and ours, the provider’s, obligations and commitments in safely managing the reopening of the workshops.

People ‘at risk’: Students known to be more ‘at risk’ have been identified and can return once it is agreed by a health professional for attendance to be in their best interest. Staff members identified as more ‘at risk’ work remotely providing resources and support. Staff or volunteers in this category have the option, if felt by them to be in their best interest, to attend the workshop with the risk being understood.

Infection control and distancing: The workshops have undergone a deep clean and thorough clearance to allow for optimum use of floor area and good social distancing. Workstations are placed at least 2m apart and each workshop can manage two smaller groups of students working at any one time. The use of facilities and the movement of people is managed by staff with some areas being restricted and access limited. Entrances and exits have been changed and a one-way system put in place along the hallway for chaperoned students.

Workshop areas have dedicated cleaning stations with additional periodic cleaning of all high contact areas taking place throughout the day, transitioning through in preparation for the evening class workshops. This is recorded on charts in the toilet facilities and the lobby.

Staff are well informed on infection control, use of PPE and management of social distancing with continuous support being given to students to remain safe during this time. This is aided with covid awareness signage throughout the building.