In February we welcomed a visit from Anne Thomson who, since losing her husband, has dedicated herself to fundraising for defibrillators - her aim was initially to raise enough money for ten but then she thought - why stop? and so she has just carried on. This is her second year of fundraising and raising awareness and has teamed up with the NHS who are providing the training for free. The defibrillator that we have at Workshop 305 is now registered on a London-wide database of defibrillators that are there for the use of the whole community - ours on Weir Road is immediately accessible to over ten neighbouring businesses - Anne said: 

Dear Sarah & co thank you for making us feel so welcome today. I was simply overwhelmed at what I walked in to. My personal fondness of arts & craft made it all the more appealing. Your members were also a joy to meet and their talents are a testament to them all. The Mosaics are a joy to behold. The dedication of you all are what made 305 happen & I salute you . The defibrillator is just a small reminder of a life lost but can also be the tool for a life worth living. With warmest wishes Anne Thomson

A tool for life indeed - All of the workshop staff have requested training and we will host training for neighbouring businesses too.